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The Arizona Republic


East Valley Artists Travel North
Ethereal Eisenfeld

Scottsdale- At Vanier Gallery, the paintings of 28-year-old Tempe artist Candice Eisenfeld introduces viewers to an ethereal space that shows them insight into their eternal reality.

The part of Eisenfeld's art education that took place in Jerusalem, in another desert, may have indirectly inspired her Reflections, a shiny "acrylic on panel" piece in reds, brown, burnt oranges and yellow-to-creams. There are two nebulae-resembling images on either end of an atmospheric landscape. The yellow-to-creams colors of the distant horizon line are radiant a la Frederick Jackson Turner. What viewers look toward seems to be a metaphoric center, and the fires they will go through to get there lie on the edges.

"My experience in Jerusalem had philosophical influence on me." She said. The viewer's experience is a journey.

Eisenfeld may be emerging, but she is a full-time painter represented by eight galleries throughout the United States, and this work, like many others sold this season, is priced at $7,250. Check out her Web site at

Through a special Tempe Elementary School District program, she teaches art to fifth graders.

The gallery is at 7106 E. Main St., Scottsdale, (480) 946-7507.

The Arizona Republic
June 29, 2001



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